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What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language made in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The initial full form of PHP was Personal Home Page, but now the abbreviation for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP code processed by a PHP interpreter is implemented as a module or as Common Gateway Interface. PHP has several uses like web context, graphic applications and robotic drone control.

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PHP vs other software

Javascript is the most popular programming language. It has been there since PHP. You can't directly compare java to PHP because java is a client-side language. Node JS and other frameworks allow developers to write server-side scripts with JavaScript. The similarity between java and PHP is that both have huge communities and both are high-versatile. But the difference between them is that PHP is easy to learn, use and maintain. It means that users can easily use the language and the development cost will be lower. It is the best for AI and data science, but python trails behind in web development. Python is one of the most popular languages due to its flexibility and simplicity. The number of framework and libraries are increasing drastically in python. The community of python is growing at a rapid pace. But, PHP got better database connectivity and support. Ruby is an open-source language made in 90 and used in the popular web development framework "Ruby on Rails". The elegant syntax and robust design make it popular among users, but it is difficult to learn as compared to PHP. The expensive community support is better in PHP.

Benefits of using PHP for business

PHP-based websites are beneficial for business due to following reasons.

Easy to use and learn

PHP is easy to learn. Even if you don't have the knowledge or experience, you can create web pages from PHP in a short amount of time. The entry barrier for PHP language is lower due to its simple syntax and command function.

Open source

You can easily install and get started with PHP because it is free of cost and the installation process is simple. It also allows access to various PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. It also helps companies to reduce the cost of web development.


PHP is platform independent means that you can use it with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and others.

Strong community

PHP is a widely used scripting language with a huge community base support. The platform contains several tutorials, FAQs, and tips to help new PHP developers.PHP allows you to connect with almost any database easily and safely.

Tried and tested

PHP code has gone through several tests in different real-life environments. It makes PHP the most stable and trusted language among users. PHP web development got secure, efficient and effective due to the creation of tools and frameworks.

Easy migration

You can easily migrate from PHP to other and vice-versa. A user can make changes in language and doesn't have to rewrite in other languages.PHP makes it easy for new developers to switch languages so that they can create websites with ease.

Why you should choose PHP development service

The flexible nature of PHP is suitable for most applications. The language is easy to use. A professional uses the latest platforms like code igniter and cake PHP to create advanced web applications. They deliver a platform with a simple and user-friendly interface to create web applications according to users' needs. When you hire an expert for advanced web applications, the money becomes a huge concern. But you don't have to worry about it because our experts take care of it by providing affordable PHP web development services. They ease the burden of developing a website and you can concentrate on other things like marketing, lead generation, etc. Experts will deliver an application with simple navigation and a user-friendly interface and also provide recommendations on your project. High competition makes it affordable for people to hire a PHP developer. If you want dynamic pages, PHP can deliver them to you. Finding a PHP developer is easy due to advancements in technology. They also provide various types of services like Laravel developers.

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Types of PHP Services we provide

PHP BackEnd
PHP web portal
Customer Relationship Management
Open Source framework
PHP Business Outlet
Tailor-made Ecommerce Development
CMS solutions
PHP development on demand

Benefits of using our services

You receive the following benefits when you take our PHP development service.

Search Engine Optimization

Consultation is free and endless support

Experts provide consultations without any charges and 24/7 customer support.

Social Media Optimization

Simple hiring procedure

You can hire our experts for your project by following a few simple steps.

Content Writing Services

Up to date

Our team use the latest tool, technology, techniques and methods to create PHP websites.

Pay Per Click

Timely delivery and safe service

Experts take several measures to provide safe service and deliver your project on time.

Email Marketing

Affordable rate

Our experts create responsive and user-friendly for you at a nominal price.

Page Speed Optimization

Wide range of services

You can also hire other services from our team like Node JS service.


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