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What is NodeJS?

NodeJs is an open-source framework that runs on a V8 engine. It is a cross-platform framework that uses JavaScript in command-line tools and NodeJS produces dynamic pages through the server-side script. NodeJS modules reduce the complexity of writing server applications through API-designed functions. The purpose of this framework is to build scalable network applications. NodeJS has some similarities to Ruby's event machine and Python Twisted.

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Difference between NodeJS and other software

AngularJS is a framework that develops dynamic pages while NodeJS is a cross-platform framework for JavaScript written applications. Angular JS is suitable for single page client-side applications while NodeJS is suitable for client-side and server side networking applications. AngularJS is suitable for highly interactive apps while NodeJS is suitable for small applications. Developer for AngularJS needs to add a file to use the application while a NodeJS developer needs to install the application to the computer system to use it. NodeJS web development generally uses javascript. But when you make a website on NodeJS, the platform requires different syntax for different objects. Angular web development only requires javascript syntax. If you are not able to understand the language, you can take the help of node js development services from a renowned website.

Benefits of NodeJS

People prefer NodeJS for web or application development due to following reasons.


NodeJS is easy to understand as compared to other platforms.

Quick load time

Websites on Node JS have high loading speed due to quick caching.

Community support

Community eases the web development process by providing support.

Multiple platforms

You can build cross-platform applications through the NodeJS framework.

Improved Performance

NodeJS boosts the performance of the responsive time of application through various techniques.


Full stack JS makes it pocket friendly for users.

Features of NodeJS

Non-blocking thread is one of the most underrated features of NodeJS. This feature allows you to load the website quickly without any delays. So if there is huge traffic on the website, NodeJS can handle it easily because the software executes other tasks in the stack while the main task is waiting. Loading and execution time of your website will be better through NodeJS. The framework executes requests in multiple threads and it supports forking multiple processes. So websites on this platform will have a fast execution process.

Websites made on this NodeJS can run on any platform. Building a website in NodeJS is easy due to two-way binding and sockets as you don't have to write code again and again. These features are good for a website with a chatting option as it allows you to broadcast messages to the group, also allows the client to broadcast messages and people will get an update of any change through data binding. If you have issues in understanding the features or workings of NodeJS, you can contact an expert who provides NodeJS service.

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Types of NodeJS development services

Custom NodeJS Application Development
NodeJS Web Development Service
API and Package Development
NodeJS consulting service
Plugin Development
NodeJS support and maintenance

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