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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open source framework made on PHP, and Taylor Otwell created the platform in June 2011. The purpose of the framework is web application development. It is robust and easy to understand and the software follows a modular view controller design pattern. The designed website on Laravel is more structured and pragmatic than web applications on other platforms. Laravel has functionality that boosts the speed of development. If you know about PHP web development, Laravel will be easy for you. Laravel-made websites are safer than websites on other frameworks.

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Benefits of Laravel

Websites made on the Laravel framework are more flexible as compared to others. You can save a huge amount of time by making websites on the Laravel platform because the framework reuses components for web development. The management of resources in Laravel is better than in other frameworks due to its namespaces and interface. Laravel boosts the website's speed with several techniques like memory use reduction and database indexing. The platform manages traffic through its unique message queue system technique. Websites made in Laravel can handle the request better. The website can control time-consuming procedures which means that website processes will be much faster. Laravel's stand-out features like MVC architecture and OOP principles will help a developer to maintain the website. Smooth API makes it easy for Laravel developers to add third-party apps to Laravel. Adding and managing third-party apps on Laravel is much easier than on other frameworks. It is easy to add features on Larvel-based websites because the framework has extensive pre-installed authorisation libraries. Laravel also has several third-party packages with a range of features and functionalities.

Features of Laravel Development

NodeJS is a popular platform due to the following features.


SafLaravel has an inbuilt authentication system.

Simple website development

Laravel creative templates make it easy for users to create a dynamic website.

Database queries

The ORM features allow you to query the database without using MYSQL commands.

Robust security

Laravel uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to protect the password by encrypting it.

Wide range of libraries

There are several libraries in the framework which make web development easy.


Laravel has a built-in tool for a command line name Artisan that performs repetitive program tasks and the tool can also create skeleton code and database structures.

Criteria to consider while looking for Laravel development services

Hire a Laravel expert who can work in a team environment, master all the technicalities, adapts to changes in the software, and expert in time management., an expert with great problem-solving skills and is knowledgeable and skilled.

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Types of Laravel development

Custom Laravel Development
Laravel Enterprise Solution
Laravel Data Migration
Laravel CMS Development
Laravel Extension Development
Upgrade to Laravel 5.6
Laravel Middleware Development
Web API Development

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