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What is email marketing

It is a marketing strategy that helps to build brand recognition and increase sales. In this, the company sends out tailor-made mail with promotions and announcements. Weekly newsletters, customer survey forms and promo alerts are part of email marketing. Around 80% of B2B and B2C advertisers use email channels for content distribution.

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Importance of email marketing

Email marketing is the most suitable way to improve leads and return on investment (ROI). It will also help to increase reach and revenue. Around 50% of online users check their emails every day. So, it is effective for entrepreneurs.

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of promotion. But it is still working as the success rate increases every year. You can achieve your business goals with the help of email marketing. Email marketing will help you to maintain regular customer interaction. If you want to improve reach, then email marketing is a suitable method because more than 90% of people in the world use mobile phones and most of them check their emails. If a company is new, then it is the most efficient method to grow business. You can market your brand on a small and limited budget.

Benefits of emailing marketing

Email marketing is a popular method for digital marketing due to the following benefits.


Email marketing is more pocket-friendly as compared to other digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t have advertising fees, printing or media space costs.


The marketing list contains customers who want to receive emails from you regarding your product and service. It means that genuine customers will engage with your brand.


You can send plain text, graphics or any file in email for promotion. Flexibility in design options makes it easy to convey about the brand.


You can measure the success of an email marketing campaign through analytics software. You can test different parts of the email template to find the suitable one for future email campaigns.

Personalise and segmented

You can target a particular section with the help of a segmented list and personalised messages. It will boost the sale, engagement and leads for the company.


You can save time through automated emails that will trigger based on the customer activity on the website. You can develop a template and reuse it for different situations.

Types of email marketing

Adapting is one of the best email marketing strategies. Our team finds out the reasons for the success or failure of the marketing campaign through an audit. It helps to improve the performance of email marketing campaigns. Our team creates tailor-made email templates that fit your brand. We create personalised email formats to reach wider demographics. Our team makes sure that you achieve long-term profitability with an effective email marketing strategy. We manage to improve campaign performance and make sure that you achieve monthly and yearly targets with ease. Email marketing is more than a marketing campaign and newsletter service launch. It requires email automation to improve email marketing optimisation. Does your email service provider match the requirement or do you need to change the platform?

If your answer is to switch platforms, then Satya Satellite will be the best option as our team will provide the best ROI while matching your requirements. Are you looking for a service provider that provides the best email marketing strategy for Shopify or e-commerce? Well, you are in the right place because our team uses a variety of ESPs to provide e-commerce marketing campaigns. We help you to improve your business performance through automation and e-commerce email marketing service.

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What do you receive from our service

Experts provide a wide range of services. You can get a single type of service or a bunch of services. Our team makes sure that your email marketing campaign is a success. Our team performs a test on every aspect of the email campaign. They make sure that your email marketing campaign is effective and profitable. Email marketing provides a considerable amount of ROI. But if you want high ROI and customer reach, then you need a combination of marketing tactics for your brand. Our team also provides various types of services like pay-per-click (PPC). They research and plan to decide the best strategy or combination of strategies for your email marketing campaign. Our team sets up custom campaigns and provides a monthly report for them. The report contains data about traffic, sales and leads generated.

It defines the efficiency of the campaign. The report helps to forecast and make a strategy. Reports play a crucial role in decision-making. Experts check the campaign results through the google analytics dashboard. We have a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals. Our team provide the best services with the latest software, digital marketing platform and strategy. We understand that the best marketing services meet customer demands and needs. But customer demand is always changing. To meet that, experts segment the list of customers through deep research and the latest software. They make sure that the right customer receives the most suitable service at the correct time.


Benefits of our service

We outshine the competition due the following reasons.

Search Engine Optimization

Build customer loyalty

A strong client relationship requires regular brand interactions to improve sales. Our team members provide services that are 12 times more affordable than the average cost.

Social Media Optimization

Expand your business reach

Experts will help you to improve reach and engagement through email market service. Our experienced team members help you to improve your reach while being obedient to the CAN-SPAM act.

Content Writing Services

Reach wider demographics

Our content writing experts help you to reach a wider audience through a personalised message. We increase the visibility, reach, sales and lead through personalised messages.

Pay Per Click

Wide demographics

Our experts provide unique discounts, personalised messages and data-driven campaigns based on different criteria like birthdays, regions and customer lifetime value(CLV). Experts reach wide demographics through personalised messages.

Email Marketing

Time and effort-saving service

Experts will churn out valuable information to improve campaign customers. They do it while keeping your marketing goals in mind. Our email marketing expert uses the best strategy to deliver solutions on time.

Page Speed Optimization

Email campaign testing and strong result driving

Email marketing offers several options to test the effectiveness of a campaign. Experts test every aspect of your email campaign through multivariate and A/B tests and make sure that it is effective.

Get the best and most affordable email marketing service to achieve your business goals

Contact our Email Marketing experts if you want to know about our service, solve queries or want the best email marketing service in the world.

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