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What is ASO?

ASO is similar to search engine optimisation, but the difference is that ASO is for mobile apps and SEO is for websites. It increases app visibility on major stores such as google play store on android, apple store on IOS and windows store on windows phones. Apps with better rank will have high traffic and downloads. More than 50% of apps get downloaded through AppStore searches. App store optimisation will help you to rank higher in app store searches.

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How does ASO work?

People are experts these days as it takes a few minutes to search the app and decide whether they want to download the app or not. If your app has catchy visuals, easy to understand description and a great title and it appears on the top of the search results, then there is a chance that people will download the app. Plus, you have to market and promote the application well, so that it ranks higher on the play store. In this situation, there will be an increase in the visibility of the application, sales and downloads. Brand image, reliability and company performance will also improve. Taking help from a renowned app store optimisation agency will improve the visibility of the app and there will be better results on the play store.

Features of App store optimisation:-

Your application will rank right when you improve on the following part:-


Title creates a good first impression. A title with uniqueness, proper branding and relevant keywords will improve the number of downloads. An app with a suitable title will also increase the revenue of the company.

The description

App description is one the most important part of the application because it explains the app's functioning and convinces people to download it. The simple, concise and updated description will increase the number of downloads. If you have issues in writing a description, you can take help from our content writing expert.


Google play and IOS apps have diverse app store optimisation strategies. Use keywords with high search rates and traffic. Write subtitles with descriptive keywords to increase the traffic.

App logo and screenshots

The app screenshot and videos allow visitors to imagine the look and feel of the app and the logo represents the branding. If it is tricky, you can take the help of a professional who provides an app store optimisation service.

Reviews and rating

Reviews and rating affects download rate and app store rankings. So getting a good ranking and review is important. A better functioning and looking app will have a better ranking.

Name of app publisher

Publisher's name and reputation also increase the traffic and download rate of the app. Use a publisher name that defines the types of apps you make. The name of the publisher defines the brand.

Category of the app

In the Apple app store, you can select primary and secondary categories for the app. But in the google play store, you can select only one category. Having the right category for the app will increase its visibility.

Maintain download and retention rate

Post download app engagement and retention are also challenging. Add incentives and personalisations, ask for reviews and feedback and give regular updates to retain the audience on the app.

Importance of ASO?

ASO is the latest development in the world of digital marketing. The app market growth made it necessary to use marketing tricks for applications. The company uses several tools to enhance the app visibility, download rate and ranking.ASO is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and recognition. Everybody uses a mobile phone, so creating a mobile brand is the way to promote the app. Plus through ASO, you can make your brand visible by improving the rank of your application on the play store. People purchase reliable mobile applications. People consider your mobile application reliable when it ranks higher on the application store. ASO helps you to do so.

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Why should you choose the ASO service?

You should choose our services if you want a higher rank on app store search results, make the app easy to search, have mobile-friendly pages on the app, improve the conversion rate, want an app with optimised data and content, improve brand recalling and in-app sale, high user retention and a high number of app downloads. ASO experts will create a suitable strategy for your business. They will take all your recommendations, suggestions and feedback to create a plan to promote your application. The procedure of creating a plan and executing it perfectly takes a lot of time and effort. But with the help of a proper ASO marketing agency, you can achieve the same goals with less effort, time and amount.


Benefits of taking our service

Satya satellite is the leading app store optimisation company due to the following reasons.

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Our highly educated and experienced team members use the latest tools, methods, technologies and personalisation to provide long-term profitability and good results.

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Experts understand the importance of your app. Our team refines the ASO strategy to improve app visibility, download rate, engagement and popularity.

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We provide guaranteed results and high-quality mobile app optimisation at a pocket-friendly price.

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Our team provides personalised service to make your ASO marketing campaigns effective and profitable.

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You don’t have to worry about the limited amount of services because we provide a wide range of services like pay-per-click to our customers.

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You don’t have to worry about time zones because we provide 24/7 customer support service. You can call us to get quick solutions at any time.

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