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Satya Satellite (IT)


Satya Satellite (IT)

Satya Satellite (IT) is an IT Company based in India with branches in UAE and UK. It has been providing complete IT business solutions keeping in mind the rapid changing technology scenario around. Our experienced IT professional team comprising of experts in Web design & Development, Ecommerce Development, SEO and other consulting services can make your business rule over the market. We believe in keeping pace with the ever changing technology thereby enabling us to provide our customers with innovative services backed with trust and hence, building a long-term relationship. Our unique services make us stand tall in this hugely competitive domain, with the aid of our team of expert professionals.We aim at designing business requirements with technological enabled solutions which would cater our client’s every requirement into meaningful solutions. Our dedicated technical team works in every manner to satisfactorily fulfill our client’s mission-critical business challenges enabling our organization to surpass all leading providers in IT industry.

Our Methodology

Satya Satellite (IT) believes in quality and perfection on its products and hence strongly follows the software Engineering principles of development for a project’s life cycle. Every step of a life cycle is followed by documentation as per software development life cycle. Good programming practices are followed during the coding process so as to make the code easy to understand and follow. This makes anyone to continue further with our developed code very easily. The motto is to develop a high quality product with least cost and hence we always go for open source based application and tools. This makes our application very handy and user friendly to our clients as they hardly need any software license or prior software installed to run our application.

Transparency of Operations & Communication

We maintain transparency of work to ease and simplifying matter. We believe in effective and open communication patterns. We communicate on all levels with the origination. Our close and regular communication system helps boost up the advantage of development methodology as per your requirements.

We Follow Business Ethics

Our international standard of Business Ethics aims to settle on the fundamental purposes of delivery and maintenance of your projects. Our entire team will ensure your projects’ security and satisfaction to the maximum level.

Our Vision

Quality approach work with timely delivery is the most vital element of our organization. Our pledge involved with integrated values makes us strong and determinant to take huge leaps contributing towards technology growth.

Our Mission

With exceptional skills, we tend to stand among the best of the IT firms making superior applications and providing the best of the models to the clients. Focusing on the core elements of technology with expertise services, our mission is to achieve “customer satisfaction” by providing them customized and highly-upgraded solutions.

We value your success

At Satya Satellite (IT), we can provide services ranging from software development, designing and distribution of packages with application installation to the technical support and maintenance. This type of “one-stop” services provided to the clients for no additional product-related costs can save valuable time and allows having a long-term partnership with our company.

We are committed to Quality

We know that quality is the paramount aspect for any service. The fame on delivering top quality software to our clients is the potentiality we have achieved so far. We work closely with your in-house team during the development process to make sure that the finished software product delivers the full functionality required to meet your requirements.


Satya Satellite (IT)


Online Reputation Management

For any business concern, its brand name or reputation is the most precious thing. In this online business scenario, nowadays consumers measure the online reputation of the company by looking at the search results on major search engines like Google. Search Engine results play a vital role in their decision making to associate with any business firm as a client, customer, partner, and employee or having business connection in any other form.
Secure and enhance your brand name with Satya Satellite's Online Reputation Management Services As one of the best online reputation management company, Satya Satellite can safeguard and promote your online reputation by oppressing damaging content and any such wrong information present on the search results, at the very first instance. With our dynamic and proactive methodology we keep only positive content on the site and other social media networks wherever your business is present on the internet. Satya Satellite's ethical Search Engine Reputation Management services helped different organizations gain their valuable online presence. Online reputation management services require working with firms' online reputation and keeping an eye on the company's position over different search engines. This includes various measures and operations that establish your company's image authentic and positive. In this day and age of such a huge competition and challenging corporate life, the online reputation management company and its services become an indispensable part of any SEO strategy. Hence, also known as search engine reputation management, online reputation management is the exclusive way of promoting brands by optimizing only those entries that establishes positivity in the minds of prospective clients. At Satya Satellite, our expert very well understands that it takes a very long time for a product to become a brand while losing the set-image may only take a minute of time. Their continuous positive marking and filtering techniques makes sure that the brand remains in the good books of its customers. They make it a clinch to provide you with online reputation management services that will bring you better towards your online audience in terms of your presence, goodwill and brand and help sustain your online reputation to take hold of your image in most effective and impressive manner.

Content Management System (CMS)

As new technology is evolving every day, customer requirements are increasing with double speed and Content Management System has been evolving day-by-day with higher standards and it has been providing optimum results to the users. If you are handling online business, CMS Solutions plays crucial role as it is rightly said that “Content is the king of the market”. The various CMS available are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc. has made plenty of functionalities available under one roof. We work with the customers, study their needs, analyze them and after suggesting the right fit for it, our CMS developers customize and implement CMS accordingly. At Satya Satellite (IT), we bring along comprehensive range of services through expert professionals for creating and delivering extensive range of CMS Solutions, be it in any industry vertical such as Textiles, FMCG, Retail, Food Processing, Health Care, Finance, Travel, Sales etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Selecting appropriate CRM has soared particularly among all size companies usually depends upon the budget spared for it which can give huge performance to them. Satya Satellite (IT) takes pride in providing a wide range of services which gathers tools and technical components for the success of business.
Our CRM developers work upon a planned process right from the very initial stage as a part of success equation so that the businesses can benefit from the advanced solutions. This will ensure the users to use the system effectively and efficiently getting the full value of CRM Solutions. We conduct plenty of research work such as study of trends, scheduling of reports and many other requisite things to get more business opportunities. Satya Satellite (IT) offers creative and complete CRM Services at quite affordable rates thus helping the businesses in maintaining and keeping intact their valuable customers. Our customized solutions help to streamline the processes which in turn help to have better integration between sales department and customers at a single click. We assist you in devising strategies to learn more about consumers’ requirements in order to build stronger and long-term relationships with them. Come and explore our highly effective CRM Services for your business!

PHP Web Development

PHP is a scripting language that’s widely used for web development. It is a general purpose programming language, and the code is analyzed and processed by an interpreter utility that carries out command line execution of the source PHP code included within a unique source file. There are many utilities of the PHP environment, since it supports several types of web development, including graphical applications. Generally, PHP resides on a web server, and behaves as a standalone interpreting utility within most of the operating systems and platforms. Right from simple websites and portals to multi tired and complex internet applications, Satya Satellite (IT) helps the clients in harnessing the power offered by the internet by using the most advanced technologies and techniques. The PHP team at Satya Satellite (IT) has enough experience, and utilizes a wide range of resources comprising of latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and methodologies to build real time applications that will help boost up your business through custom PHP Website development.

Our Team is expertise to develop application like…

  • Customized PHP web development
  • Customer service applications
  • Job boards and portal customized development
  • Automatic posting of Classified and Online Ads
  • Secure message boards development
  • E-Commerce web development
  • Inventory management system
  • Search engine friendly shopping cart
  • Search engine friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • MySQL database driven calendar application
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) based PHP web application development
  • Custom webmasters tools and script development
  • PHP Website design and development
  • WYSIWYG Editor Application Development
  • Social Networking application
  • Rental software
  • Custom development based on client requirement
  • Customization for open source environment like joomla, drupal, OS commerce, magento, wordpress etc.

Satya Satellite (IT)


Android Application Development

Satya Satellite (IT) is engaged in making of mobile application development s and create wonderful applications based on iPhone, Android, Windows etc. ported to various devices. The opportunity of Google Android OS with the kind of flexibility it provides to Android Application Developers is very popular to create applications which add value to the customer. Android Mobile platform is very popular for its sensitive design and its capability for developing high range and multiple applications. Android is one of the most functional devices amongst all others which help to create innovative mobile applications. This platform offers a wide range of Android Application Development services including design & implementation, multimedia mobile solutions, web-based applications; Java based mobile applications and many more. Android SDK provides an easy platform with all required tools which enables usage of comprehensive set of Android Phone applications development. We build for you flexible customized applications at highly competitive rates at mobile devices with numerous facilities. Avail our Android Applications which suits individuals and all sorts of businesses perfectly.

Iphone Application Development

There has been a sea change in the mobile industry after the invention of iPhone by Apple which has revolutionized the way a cell phone works. The number of picks on this phone have been increasing since there have been plenty of iPhone apps available in the App store. Undoubtedly, this has improved the user interface with the amazing touch-screen and exciting features into it. Satya Satellite (IT) is into developing and delivering customized iPhone applications by making for you creative iPhone apps, hereby offering you in creating a huge spectrum of iPhone applications that are interactive and highly functional. Our iPhone developers work upon iPhone application development and develop an array of apps competently by adding various add-ons. We built applications that has inbuilt features and up-gradations. Our expert team of iPhone developers skillfully work for iPhone Application Development and iPhone Software development and also perform various other tasks related to the nature of the application including working on creative iPhone custom designs, templates, content development, integration of inbuilt features with OS architecture, different enhancements and much more.Innovative applications lead your business towards higher levels of success and our developers always keep themselves updated to all the latest tools & techniques and so we have earned an enviable reputation for unwavering quality and efficacy iPhone apps. And we have gained success while catering to the industry best iPhone Development needs on global platform across multiple categories.

.NET Web Application

Take a close watch at the on-going demand of online business owners and you will find the increasing popularity of customized web development services. Gone are the days, when website owners used to consider common applications to operate their multiple business websites. Today, each organization looks for customized applications designed for specific purposes. In order to meet the personalized web-based requirements, web developers have started using advance web application frameworks and technologies. One such web application framework is ASP.NET which allows developers to develop applications with extensive features and functionalities. Developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET is widely used to create dynamic websites, web applications and web services. It provides an integrated programming model to develop powerful web applications which can meet specific business goals. Being a part of.NET framework, it permits programmers to take complete advantage of CLR (common language runtime) including portability, security, flexibility and interoperability in selecting various languages and codes. One of the most extensively used programming languages for websites is the ASP.Net development. Like other programming languages, Asp.Net too is a fully featured programming language that could be tailored to produce dynamic websites as per clientele requirements. In addition, Asp.Net is server-side technology in which before sending it to the browser, the code is used to execute on the server directly and the code that is sent back to the browser is html instead of code. Asp.Net has been effectively served .Net Development domain world ever since 2002.

The .Net Advantage
Helps develop an application that is consistent and very stable
Highly efficient security configurations
Facilitates cross platform migration
Deployment and maintenance of application is convenient and quick

The Satya Satellite (IT) Expertise
Our .Net development has earned a reputation for being efficient as well as cost effective. Our expertise includes:
Ability to offer customized .Net Application Development with N-Tier architecture development capability
Database driven .Net Development
Proficiency in ASP.Net, Windows Form, .Net web services and ADO.Net
Integration of asp.Net application development with other Microsoft development technologies.

We have a team of adept web designers and developers, professionally qualified and highly experienced to deliver you the best as well as the latest in this incessant industry.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce field has been experiencing massive growth in terms of technology, features and money spending on it. The faces of buying and selling products/services over the Internet have changed its definition and emerged as one of the leading platforms today for doing business. With the help of online store, business owners can reach market globally and can target huge audience for promoting and selling their products while increasing their brand awareness. ECommerce websites have no bar for any particular place, city or country, so it is the biggest benefit that the businessmen can sell their products on a wider platform and reach the maximum customers. Few of the popular applications which we deal into WordPress, Magento, osCommerce, Joomla and Zen Cart open source platforms for providing applications to any product/service industry with search engine friendly web shops. Our highly talented designers create artistic layout and design structures using these technologies to develop feature-rich ecommerce websites. Our custom ECommerce Solutions delivers amazing shopping experience to the customers and it has been clicking more than their expectations. With our made E-Commerce Solutions, the clients can create/upload grabbing content and amazing interfaces with existing applications. Our custom E-Commerce Solutions help the businesses in attracting new customers while offering varied new tools to manage their online store/s efficiently. They also provide facilities for customers to post their reviews, suggestions and feedback’s. These ecommerce applications are the open source technologies that help the developers to create an effective online store Being one of the leading ecommerce website solution provider companies in IT industry, we make social networking applications using open source technologies which provide useful platform to launch and propagate their businesses. Experts at Satya Satellite (IT) make E Commerce Application Development helps the merchants to carry their online business in the most efficient manner for selling their products and services. We know that social networking platforms are effective tools for launching interactive marketing campaigns and it also provide you with an insight on the status of business and help to understand various aspects of increasing sales.

Portal Development

Providing custom Portal development has been very common for huge companies as well as for individuals. In this increasing competitive environment, it has been an integral part of businesses and concept of product design & development largely depends on success of industry. Satya Satellite (IT), along with the software development and web applications, has a team of experienced product developers and designers engaged into the process of creating and delivering new products for enterprises. Design refers to activities which involve creating, deciding upon architectural structure, patterns, materials and processes required to create an excellent output. Development means putting in collective efforts through testing, modifying and refining it using discrete engineering products. Today the world is growing with stead-fast economic and technological advancement, Product Development has become a vital part for various industries. We design and develop products featuring Visualization, Thorough Research and Analysis, Concept Design, System-level Design, Value Engineering, Prototype Design, Mold flow Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Testing & Refinement and Scale-up until the design has been perfected. We drive impetus for new products from perceived market opportunities and broadly categorize it for market. With our market-pull products, the company can easily increase their sales and productivity appealing the particular segment of consumers as well as the employees. We completely check the technical feasibility of the product and make sure that its capabilities & benefits are packages in such a way that it offers potential profits to the company.

Our Product Design & Development covers the following segments:
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
E-Learning Management System
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
Pharma Force Automation
B2B Portal Development
Travel Portal Development
News Portal Development
We build comprehensive product development which covers the entire spectrum of services involved in developing the product right after understanding client’s requirements from the concept to the final output to exceed their market and user expectations.


Satya Satellite (IT)


Enterprise Resource Planning Development

The market entering global economic era has surely led to a significant development for the need of various steps to reach the top. Be it in any industry, retail, pharma, information technology, manufacturing, health, industrial equipments, e-commerce, telecommunication or even service industry, companies are trying to be in pace of this cut-throat competition. Enterprise Resource Planning solution which reaps a number of benefits includes different processes, activities and systems used to run the businesses in a smoothened way. The new quest for enhancing total market share has led the organization to re-look and modify the business processes in all areas of an organization. And the companies are trying to utilize maximum of their resources effectively to make business more organized and profitable. Our ERP is planned to manage all the information and functions of a company. With our totally integrated system and proven methodology for outsourcing ERP Application and Support which brings easy access and work flow.

Through our made customized ERP Solutions, the following can be achieved:
Rapid Implementation
Multiple Functionalities
Real Time Access
Increasing Efficiency
Better Forecasting
Low Cost
Reducing Time-Limits
Improved Customer Services
Satya Satellite (IT)’s ERP solutions allow the organizations to focus on core business activities and on more complex initiatives to achieve true business output by streamlining various tasks. Our talent pool of developers and system analysts have deep experience in consulting, framing, implementation and integration of various modules industry standard processes which helps to select the required modules in the system to improve operational efficiencies. This provides insights at multi-levels increasing accuracy and consequently greater customer satisfaction. The key drivers of ERP system are already embedded in the system that assist in adopting integration across different business functions which leads to better transparency, access to real time information, analytical reporting for business decisions and adopting state of the art technology. Simple integration is an extremely important part to ERP and the ability to easily share data across various departments in an organization makes it more flexible by creating one single database that employs multiple software modules providing different areas of an organization with various business functions. And this makes more simple different processes and workflows via tailor-made development which helps in achieving higher Return On Investment (ROI).


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